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Next Generation Foundation for Climate Change NextGen we encourage friendly eco system

NextGen (Next Generation Foundation for Climate Change), as the name implies, was formed in August 17, 2010 to research and determine a lasting solution to the negative impact of climate change to the future generation and was incorporated in 2014 with CAC/IT/NO 73020. This non-governmental organization was founded by Engr. Obinna Enwerem whose interest was aroused by the persistent natural disaster that plagued the world in the past decades.

  • Eco & Wind Power
  • Green Tree plantion
  • Solar Energy
  • Save The Environment

Our Mission

  • To sensitize the public on the need to protect their environment against climate change that culminates into destructive natural disaster.
  • To train the masses on the implementation of healthy practices that ensures a sustainable environment.
  • To instigate a far-reaching diffusion of this program from the highest level to the grassroots.
  • To collaborate with Nigeria Government and other relevant international bodies in achieving this feat.
  • To guide global lawmakers as they devise policies to reduce heat-trapping emission and make their infrastructure, agriculture and people more resilient to warmer world. it aims to influence climate treaty talks among nations working to devise an agreement to rein in global warming.

Our Vision

  • To make Nigeria a global leader in environmental management and sustainability.
  • To eliminate any form of natural disaster globally.
  • To make Nigeria a low carbon society
  • To present an internationally acclaimed INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) and NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) that meets the vision 2020 of UN Framework on Climate Change for a climate-resilient future.

Our Goals

  • To combat / fight climate change and mitigate on its effects for Sustainable development.
  • To provide public enlightenment on global development.
  • ToTo build national and global partnership, networks and collaborative efforts aimed at critical and technical intervention through workshops.
  • To increase the intra global connectivity that promotes healthy and positive relationships.
  • To initiate entrepreneurship programme in rural settlements globally.
  • To promote welfare of members.
  • To partner with government agencies, existing NGOs, international foundations, interest groups, private sectors, unions and organizations in Nigeria.
  • To help prevent our oceans and rivers from contagious substances and oil spillage

Our Team

We have aggregate of professionals from agriculture to health, including agronomist, medical rehabilitators, environ-chemical consultants and other professions.

Engr. Obinna Enwerem



Engr. Nzube Ikueze



Ebulue chijioke



Olatunji Oni